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  1. Don't print database's tablespace in pg_dump -C --no-tablespaces (detail / gitweb)
  2. Fix mdtruncate() to close fd.c handle of deleted segments. (detail / gitweb)
  4. Fix locking a tuple updated by an aborted (sub)transaction (detail / gitweb)
  5. Fix miserable coding in pg_stat_get_activity(). (detail / gitweb)
  6. Improve unreachability recognition in elog() macro. (detail / gitweb)
  7. Fix copy/pasto in file identification (detail / gitweb)
  8. Docs: assorted minor cleanups. (detail / gitweb)
  9. Support OpenSSL 1.1.0. (detail / gitweb)
  10. pg_buffercache: Allow huge allocations. (detail / gitweb)
  11. Fix building with LibreSSL. (detail / gitweb)
  12. Fix ecpg -? option on Windows, add -V alias for --version. (detail / gitweb)
  13. MSVC: Include pg_recvlogical in client-only install. (detail / gitweb)
  14. Fix latency calculation when there are \sleep commands in the script. (detail / gitweb)
  15. Fix outdated comments, GIST search queue is not an RBTree anymore. (detail / gitweb)
  16. Retry DSM control segment creation if Windows indicates access denied. (detail / gitweb)
  17. Use PostmasterRandom(), not random(), for DSM control segment ID. (detail / gitweb)
  18. doc: Correct ALTER USER MAPPING example (detail / gitweb)
  19. doc: Fix documentation to match actual make output (detail / gitweb)
  20. Fix pgbench's calculation of average latency, when -T is not used. (detail / gitweb)
  21. Be sure to rewind the tuplestore read pointer in non-leader CTEScan (detail / gitweb)
  22. Avoid using PostmasterRandom() for DSM control segment ID. (detail / gitweb)
  23. Don't trust CreateFileMapping() to clear the error code on success. (detail / gitweb)
  24. Fix incorrect logic for excluding range constructor functions in (detail / gitweb)
  25. Doc: fix examples of # operators so they actually work. (detail / gitweb)
  26. Install TAP test infrastructure so it's available for extension (detail / gitweb)
  27. Document has_type_privilege(). (detail / gitweb)
  28. Include <sys/select.h> where needed (detail / gitweb)

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